Collections Stewardship and the Association of Registrars and Collections Specialists (ARCS) invite you to participate in the Mentoring Program (Mentoring for the Future). This is a special opportunity that brings together CS-AAM and ARCS in an effort to mentor emerging museum professionals who have dedicated themselves to a career in registration and collections work.

If you are an emerging or mid-career professional, and would like assistance navigating the field, and could use helpful advice on loans, skills building, exhibitions, or other matters, then consider applying for a mentor who can help guide you and offer advice.

If you are an established professional, and feel you have years of experience you are willing to share, or want to connect with a new generation of registrars and collections specialists, then consider applying to be a mentor.

Once all applications are submitted, the Mentoring Program Committee (Matt Seaman and Erin McKeen) will work to match mentors to mentees. Relationships will be established using three criteria:

  1. museum discipline (art, science, history, etc)

  2. need (career advice, loans, database, etc.)

  3. geographic location.

While not all mentorships will be in the same city, we will do our best to connect people who are close.

Once connected, mentees are invited to reach out to their mentor and solicit the advice they need. The Committee will check in occasionally to ensure a connection has been made, but the level of communication is on the participants to determine. While the mentor-mentee relationship is expected to last one year, we encourage long term connections.

All interested participants should fill out the mentorship form (PDF), or share pertinent information via the program email.

Once received, we will work to partner a mentor with a mentee.

If you have questions about the program, please contact Mentoring Co-Chairs Erin McKeen (ARCS) and Angie Morrow (CS-AAM) at

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