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The Collections Stewardship listserve, formerly the RC-AAM Listserv, is one of the largest museum listserves in existence, and has around 5,000 subscribers. The list is a place to ask for feedback on a range of collections care topics, hear about job openings, and learn about professional development opportunities. 

You can join the CSAAM Listserv here.

A word on


The Listserve is meant to be a place of healthy and respectful professional discussion. As such, abusive, discriminatory, or harassing messages and behaviors will not be tolerated. Any subscriber behaving in this manner will be removed from the list. 

The Listserve is also not an advertising platform. Please refrain from posting promotional material for goods and services.

All Internships posted to the Listserve should state clearly in the subject line if the internship is PAID or UNPAID.

Due to the volume of messages that subscribers receive, you are encouraged to be mindful of the address to which you are replying. Please take a moment to ensure you are not going to accidentally share a personal email with 5,000 other people. 

Managing your subscription

To manage your Listserve subscription, you will need to create a password, and login to the Subscribers corner.

Here, you can manage your settings so that you receive a weekly digest rather than real time messages, and set yourself as away if you are taking time off. 


LIstserve Archives

The Listserve has an extensive archive. Once you've logged in, you can search the entire archive. 

However, because of the high traffic and long history of the List, it is suggested that you make your requests as specific as possible. Very broad search terms like "accessioning" may result in a very slow response.